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Compared with traditional seats, e-sports chairs have two main advantages:


1. Ergonomic design, sedentary not tired

The shape of the e-sports chair comes from the car seat, which has a strong "package". At the same time, the design of the waist can make the waist have a point of support, do not let the waist hanging, follow the ergonomic design, so that the seat fit the human lumbar vertebra, even if it needs to sit for a long time, it is not easy to feel tired, so as to meet the comfort needs of esports players.


2. Highly adjustable, suitable for different groups of people in multiple scenarios

Esports chair has spent a lot of thought on the design, whether it is the general height adjustment, armrest, chair back can be adjusted to their own appropriate position, different positions can be customized, the chair back can even lie flat to 180 degrees, so that users can rest in the chair.


What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing esports gaming chair?


  1. Comfort (ergonomic design + filling material)


Basically, buyers of esports chairs want to find a seat that they feel comfortable in, and comfort mainly comes from the design and materials. With the development of ergonomic technology, and more and more manufacturers pay attention to the design of e-sports chair. Here I break down ergonomic design and materials into a few straightforward key factors:


1)support cervical spine: be sure to take headrest, headrest height can be adjusted.


2)as far as possible to choose a higher back, can cover the whole back, the chair back arc as large as possible angle adjustment.


3) Cushion, try to choose high-density stereotyped cotton (high-density foam), sponge in the industry is divided by density, High density, rapid rebound is not easy to collapse.


2、 durable product (steel skeleton +PU surface)


A durable esports chair will use an integrated steel skeleton, so as to ensure high bearing capacity and stability, so that long-term use will not sound abnormal. In addition, PU surface, the touch is softer, durable does not change color. There is also a class of seats on the market, the use of PVC material, PVC light and heat stability is poor, long time use, PVC easy to change color, and performance will also decline, surface damage.